Catholic ChristianityI may never completely understand the depth and breadth of our faith, but what I do understand I know is true. I believe it's important to keep our mind and our heart open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. I believe it's good to have the hunger to know more about the mysteries of our Faith. I believe most people share that same hunger - the deep yearning for God from the depths of our heart.

I believe the truth, beauty, and goodness of our Lord is never-ending. Part of our job in this life is to share this marvelous mystery of God with others. To speak truth with love.

I'm sinful, but I know God loves me and sent His only begotten Son to live on this earth and die on the cross precisely to free us all from sin. Yes, I am ever mindful of my short comings but the Church, through reconciliation, enables us to turn away from our sins and shortcomings and turn toward God in repentance seeking and receiving forgiveness and the Grace of His Divine assistance.

I’m an introspective person with the heart of an ambassador. Others tell me I’m a practical problem solver who is able to explore the issues, see ahead, and chart the course. I have a passion for the study, discernment, and exercise of the Spiritual Gifts. Indeed All Good Things come from God.

My life is testimony to the power, presence, and healing quality of the Holy Spirit. Not because of anything I've done, but because of the Blessings and Goodness of God and the healing Power of the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit each of us has access to, and which quietly beckons to each of us.

We can never be fully alive until we embrace the Love God wants so dearly to pour into our heart.

Pointing the way to the source of all that is good, true, and beautiful gives me chill bumps. My passion is helping others get in touch with the many gifts our Creator has freely given to each of us. Our gift of life, the gift of Faith, our many talents, and most importantly our Spiritual Gifts.

I’m an avid ‘people person’ who thrills at uncovering what makes me and others tick. I’m a trained Called and Gifted Spiritual Gifts workshop facilitator, Spiritual Gifts Interviewer, sales professional, solopreneur adviser, and trained personality profiler. I have a Bachelors degree and I’m a certified life coach. None of that is as important however, as the fact that I’m a very attentive listener who is called to be of service in helping others.

In my spare time, on the weekend, you can find me cranking through local suburban neighborhoods on my trusty ol' reliable 1969 Schwinn 10-speed bike.  I support multiple charitable organizations. I'm an Officer in the Knights of Columbus, Member of my Parish Council, and have served as a Board Member, Officer and President Emeritus of my local Citizens Association since 1996.