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Pat Pettey shares his personal journey following the tragic death of his son Dominik in car accident in 2014.  The forgiveness Pat and his wife Magdalena were able to give the driver who caused the accident, and its effect on her, marked a turning point for Pat's faith.

Visit the website HERE that commemorates the memory and legacy of Dominik Pettey who died tragically in a car accident on November 1, 2014, All Saints Day.

Al Kresta, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, interviewed Dominik's parents, Pat and Magdalena Pettey HERE on October 4, 2019.

Below is a prayer to the Holy Spirit inspired by Msgr. John Brady at Dominik's funeral Mass.  (English and Spanish versions of this prayer are available at Dominik's website HERE)

Joni Seith is a Jewish convert to Catholicism.  She is a mother of four and has four grandchildren to whom she teaches art as part of their homeschooling curriculum. Joni has written and illustrated two children's books, and is working on a manuscript describing the trials and graces associated with her debilitating disease, and her journey of learning to trust God in the midst of her suffering.

Joni Seith has shared her conversion story HERE in an interview with Marcus Grodi on the Coming Home Network's Journey Home program in 2002.

Joni has written and illustrated tow children's books, 'Cloud of Witnesses' (vol. I and II) which can be found at various vendors online or by emailing

Connect with Joni on her blog at

Jack Bond is a local musician, songwriter, guitarist who shared his spiritual journey through music entitled "Music and Mercy" at St. Patrick's 2019 Simple Supper. Jack also performs in Nashville.

Jack's musical redition of the Divien Mercy Chaplet was featured as we opened our series "Tap Into Divine Mercy!"  Jack donates his music CD's of the chaplet and other spiritual songs by leaving them in the back of the church to help lift hearts and minds to God in song.

Jack contributes his musical talents to the "Cancer Can Rock" charity HERE.

Though Jack is focusing more and more on his spiritual repertoire, HERE is a link to Jack's other work on Reverb Nation.