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USCCB RELIGIOUS FREEDOM WEEK: The USCCB invites Catholics to prayreflect, and act to promote religious freedom Religious Freedom Week | USCCB


USCCB “First Freedom Podcasts” - First Freedom Podcast | USCCB

  • Will add link to how to challenge/submit comments to proposed rules

Religious Liberty Essay Contest - Religious Liberty Essay Contest | USCCB

Reports of vandalism:

National Non-Profit Security ProgramLetter on Nonprofit Security Funding - January 14, 2022 | USCCB

USCCB Voter Action GuideAction Center (

Opportunities to LIVE OUT your religious freedom expectations through volunteering:

  • pray, act, reflect (homily, lectionary notes)

  • volunteer at local pregnancy resource centers provide counseling and support women who choose life

  • Share devotional artwork, statues on personal level, Facebook, to show importance of religious statutes

  • If concerned about education infringement, volunteer there; if concerned on impact on homelessness, volunteer at a homeless shelter